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January 24, 2024Puget Sound BoardPlanning Meeting: Update on Puget Sound Chapter and Review of AAII Online Resources for members22Powerpoint

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November 4, 2023James Park, Professor of LawA History of Securities Fraud Scandals from the 1970s to the Present - in person meeting at MICEC, Mercer Island.14Video not yet available. Puget Sound Chapter requested the video link from AAII in Chicago - link not yet provided to us.
September 20, 2023Greg Geisler, PhDTax Efficient Decumulation Strategies During Retirement34Handout not available to post per the speaker's wishes.Video not yet available. Puget Sound Chapter requested the video link from AAII in Chicago - link not yet provided to us.
July 22, 2023Brian LivingstonThe Holy Grail of Investing33Handout not available to post per the speaker's wishes..Video not yet available. Puget Sound Chapter requested the video link from AAII in Chicago - link not yet provided to us.
May 6, 2023Shauna Wekherlien10 Ways to Save $10K 14
March 18, 2023Christine Benz5 Must-Knows About Retirement Spending23

January 18, 2023Tom ManganelloProtect Your Investments: An Update from the SEC15
September 21, 2022Mariana FariñaWhat You Should Know about Closed-end Funds11There was no handout.
July 20, 2022Brad ThomasIntelligent REIT Investing

0 - Meeting started 1 hour late; all those who registered received refunds.
We will not be posting this video.
May 18, 2022Michael Belotz, Simon Clark, and Chad Meyer from Tecumseh Alternatives Uncorrelated Alternative Assets17

March 22, 2022Elisabeth KashnerInvesting as a Long Game: Portfolio Positioning for the Long Term43

January 26, 2022John M. SimmsHigh Valuations and Future Returns, and Preparing Your Portfolio41

November 4, 2021Craig IsraelsenRetirement Portfolio Analysis

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September 25, 2021Paul MerrimanThe Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy—on Steroids!

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July 26, 2021Kevin CarterThe Future of Emerging Markets Investing24

May 5, 2021Janet BrownInvesting in Uncertain Times: Four Ways to Invest During the Pandemic

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March 10, 2021David KellerMaximize Returns by Following Momentum55

January 16, 2021Rajiv NagaichLife Planning: A Better Retirement Planning Options for Our Times44

December 10, 2020Larry SwedroeThe Incredible Shrinking Alpha46

November 21, 2020Martha SheddenSocial Security Insecurity: Do you know your optimal claiming strategy63

September 17, 2020Lori SchockRegulatory Update from the SEC16

July 18, 2020Bruce MillerUnderstanding Pure Income Investing67


May 12, 2020Brian LivingstonEastside SIG Meeting: How to Make Your Portfolio MuscularUnknown

March 14, 2020 rescheduled to July 18, 2020 and changed to onlineBruce MillerUnderstanding Pure Income Investing
January 18, 2020John ChavezWealth Management Tools & How/Why You Should Use Them34
November 16, 2019Chuck JaffeThe Right Way to Hire Financial Help25
September 21, 2019Paul Merriman12 Investment Decisions Guaranteed to Change Your Financial Future61
July 20, 2019Christine BenzBucket Approach to Retirement Allocation: The Devil is in the Details43
May 18, 2019Marilyn CohenThe Internet of Things is a Bond Market Game Changer54
March 9, 2019Tadas ViskantaThere Has Never Been a Better Time to be an Individual Investor, But…57
January 19, 2019Gary AntonacciSnake Oil and Factor Based Investing72
November 17, 2018Brian LivingstonHow to Make Your Portfolio Muscular130
September 16, 2018C. Bruce Johnstone, CFAThe Economy and the Markets: Is It Rational or Irrational Exuberance?100
July 21, 2018Raymond RondeauValue Investing With Minimal Risk49
May 19, 2018Wesley Gray, Ph.D.Momentum Investing: Simple, but Not Easy69
March 10, 2018Jaclyn McClellanFinding a Stock Winner & Analyzing Dividend Stocks70

January 20, 2018Tom McClellanUnderstanding the Mysteries of Market Breadth51
November 18, 2017Amy SmithTime the Market and Find the Next Super Stock(s)70
September 16, 2017Kevin DavittIncrease Yield and Mitigate Risk With Options42
July 15, 2017Grayson RozeMastering the Market: Finding Your Edge as an Individual Investor79
May 20, 2017Paul MerrimanBeyond Buffett: Value Investing, Asset Allocation and Fund Selection123
April 15, 2017Mark HulbertBe a Profitable Contrarian168
January 21, 2017Marilyn CohenLet the Bond Autopsy Begin82
November 19, 2016Tom Cock and Don McDonald, Peter Chandler and David GabaThe Evolution of Real Investing and Protect Your Money with FINRA82
September 17, 2016Wayne A. Thorp, CFAStock Selection for Value and Growth Portfolios60
July 16, 2016Raymond A. RondeauTrading Secrets for Today’s Investors57
May 21, 2016Christine Benz7 Keys to a Successful Retirement Portfolio Plan119
March 12, 2016Harvey BarabanThe Next Big Seattle-Based Stocks97
January 16, 2016Gary AntonacciMore Profit With Less Risk Through Dual Momentum93
November 21, 2015Mebane FaberHow to Avoid Crashes and Earn Big ReturnsN/A
September 19, 2015William BernsteinDeep Risk: The Real Threat to Your Investments91
July 18, 2015Bud HebelerRetirement Resources for an Uncertain Future130
May 16, 2015Nick Kaiser, CFAProfit With Socially Responsible Investing36
March 21, 2015Andy LandisMaximize Your Social Security Now!120
January 17, 2015Al ZmyslowskiHow to Profit With the Shareholder Yield Screen55
November 15, 2014Nick AtkesonHow to Earn Double-Digit Returns While Avoiding Major Down Markets76
September 20, 2014Paul MerrimanLive It Up Without Outliving Your Money180
May 7, 2014Charles RotblutSmart Investing: Seeking Reward While Reducing Risk97
March 15, 2014Peter MillerPredicting Market Trends With Barron’s65
January 15, 2014Gatis RozeHow a Trader Analyzes the Markets95
November 20, 2013Michael Pang and Lowell WickmanInvest Like the Stock-Picking Champions55

September 21, 2013Marilyn CohenThe Best Alternative to Bond Funds72
July 17, 2013Scott SeymourManaging Risk in Your Retirement Plan and Investments56
May 15, 2013Paul MerrimanFinancial Fitness After 5086
March 23, 2013Barry BeidermanImprove Your Results Now: Two AAII Members Who’ve Done It Teach You How71
January 16, 2013Christine BenzMorningstar’s Best Ideas for 2013 and Beyond121
November 14, 2012Dave VomundRelative Strength as an Investment Methodology66
September 22, 2012Wayne A. Thorp, CFA,Stock Screening & Analysis51
July 18, 2012Gatis Roze, MBA, CMTWinning Strategies: The 10 Essential Elements for Successful Investing95
May 16, 2012Jim ThomasDon’t Trade Naked: Basics of the Covered Call Option StrategyN/A
March 24, 2012Jesse BondStrategic Financial and Estate Planning Opportunities in Uncertain TimesN/A
January 18, 2012Jim ThomasDon’t Trade Naked: Basics of the Covered Call Option StrategyN/A
November 16, 2011Michael Rawson, CFAExchange-Traded Funds (ETFs): The Inside ScoopN/A
September 24, 2011Martha Stokes, CMTNew Technology Cycle Investing OpportunitiesN/A
July 20, 2011Nelson FreeburgSystematic Market Analysis: Opportunities and RiskN/A
May 18, 2011William BernsteinWhat I Learned From the Panic of 2008 – 2009N/A
March 12, 2011Marilyn CohenSurviving the Bond Bear Market, Bondland’s Nuclear WinterN/A
January 19, 2011Yu-chin Chen, Ph.D.The U.S. Economy: Global Leader or Emerging Dinosaur?N/A
November 17, 2010Mebane FaberHow to Invest Like the Top University EndowmentsN/A
September 25, 2010Harvey BarabanFinancial Roundtable Seminar: Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Real Estate and Interest RatesN/A
July 21, 2010Gregory MorrisUsing Technical Analysis for Money ManagementN/A
May 19, 2010John M. BajkowskiAAII Shadow Stock Portfolio: From Theory to Practical ApplicationN/A
March 27, 2010Jim BittmanConsider Your Options—Puts and Calls, That IsN/A
January 20, 2010Alex WasilewskiUnderstanding Managed Futures: The Top-Performing Asset Class of 2008N/A

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